• Singapore Model United Nations 2017

    13 JUNE 2017 - 16 JUNE 2017

  • All About Singapore Model United Nations

    What is a "Model United Nations" conference?

    A “Model United Nations” (MUN) conference convenes pre-university and college students to negotiate and formulate solutions to global problems. These issues pertain to current affairs and international relations, and necessitate discussion, debate, and resolution on a multilateral platform. While students may simulate various UN member states, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), or non-state actors in bringing their individual agendas to the table, they ultimately have to integrate these individual interests in a resolution agreeable to the majority.

    What is Singapore Model United Nations?

    Over the past thirteen years, SMUN has distinguished itself from other MUN conferences in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region with its organizational excellence and academic prestige. In March 2011, members of the 2009 and 2010 SMUN Secretariats successfully co-hosted the 20th World Model United Nations (World MUN) alongside Harvard University. As further testament to SMUN’s academic stature, a delegation from NUS including SMUN 2016 Secretariat members won the “Outstanding Delegation Award” at Citi-Pan Asia Model United Nations 2015 in Taipei, while five SMUN 2016 Committee Chairpersons and Secretariat members have been selected by World MUN 2016 to chair at their conference in Rome.


    Going into its 14th iteration in June 2017, SMUN continues to be the flagship event for the NUS Political Science Society, and is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious MUN conferences in Singapore.

    What is the NUS Political Science Society?

    The NUS PSSoc, founded in 1967, aims to help local and international students remain abreast of current affairs. Apart from SMUN, NUS PSSoc has previously organized the Singapore Model Parliament (SMP) to steep local students in Singaporean politics, as well as current affairs competitions such as the 2016 ASEAN Quiz. NUS PSSoc also played a crucial role in establishing Singapore Globalist, an online international affairs publication that is part of the Global21 network of student-run international affairs magazines.

  • About the Venue

    The National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore's flagship university, consistently ranks first in Asia and amongst the top universities in the world. In the 2016/2017 Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings, NUS emerged as #1 in the Asian region and #12 internationally. NUS is an educational hub of world-class infrastructure, brimming with a vibrant campus community. With a range of recreational facilities and Food and Beverage establishments nearby, NUS provides delegates of SMUN 2017 with an enriching and conducive environment for debate and self-development.

  • Getting to NUS University Town

    Closest MRT stops: Clementi, Buona Vista, Kent Ridge

    By Bus

    From Buona Vista MRT Station:

    • Walk to Bus Stop No. 11369 (OPP. BUONA VISTA MRT STATION, outside Buona Vista MRT Station Exit D)
    • Board SBS Service 196 (towards Clementi Interchange)
    • Alight 6 stops later at Bus Stop No. 19059 (TRANSVIEW GOLF CLUB)
    • Walk into University Town
    From Clementi MRT Station:
    • Walk to Clementi Bus Interchange, connected to the MRT Station and Clementi Mall
    • Board SBS Service 96 (towards Clementi Interchange (loop))
    • Alight 3 stops later at Bus Stop No. 17099 (AFT DOVER RD)
    • Walk into University Town
    From Kent Ridge MRT Station:
    • Walk to Bus Stop No. 18331 (KENT RIDGE STN EXIT A/NUH, near Kent Ridge MRT Station Exit A)
    • Board NUS Internal Shuttle Bus Service D2
    • Alight 5 stops later at UNIVERSITY TOWN STOP

    By Car

    Via Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) towards Tuas:

    • Exit at EXIT 9
    • Turn left on Clementi Road
    • Turn left onto Kent Ridge Crescent (note: University Cultural Centre is on the left)
    • Turn left into College Link at roundabout
    Via Dover Road from Clementi Road:
    • Head onto Dover Road
    • Turn right into University Town
    Via Dover Road from North Buona Vista Road:
    • Head onto Dover Road
    • Turn left into University Town
  • Committees

    Please note that study guides will only be provided to registered delegates.

    (The number of stars indicates the difficulty level)


    disarmament and international security committee


    1. The Question of Contemporary Espionage

    2. Security Risks of Open Borders





    1. Challenges from the 2002 Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea

    2. Drug Policies in ASEAN


    human rights committee


    1. Ending Violence Against Women

    2. Extrajudicial Killings



    international labor organization


    1. Union & Labour Rights

    2. Anticipating Technological Disruptions


    Korean Peninsula Crisis

    Joint Cabinet Crisis


    The date is 12 September 2018. Months of growing tension on the Korean peninsula seems to have spilled over. Intelligence sources within Pyongyang have gone silent. Will the government be able to tread the fine line between caution and paranoia? Will the balance of power in East Asia be maintained or will it see Korea become a battleground for regional powers?


    The JCC for SMUN 2017 will consist of 3 separate committees: the DPRK Cabinet, ROK Cabinet, and a Conference of Ambassadors.



    international press corps

    • Al-Jazeera
    • ChannelNews Asia
    • Deutsche-Welle
    • Global Times
    • New York Times
    • Russia Today


    social, cultural, and humanitarian committee


    1. Repatriation of Cultural Heritage

    2. A Magna Carta for the Internet



    Special Political and Decolonization Committee


    1. Preventing Water Conflicts

    2. Peaceful Resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict



    united nations development programme


    1. Building Cities for the Future

    2. The Paris Agreement



    united nations security council


    1. The Situation in Libya

    2. Comprehensive Review of Peacekeeping Operations


    *** The UNSC at SMUN 2017 will be a double-delegate council.


    world health organization


    1. Surrogate Births

    2. Elimination of Mosquito-Borne Diseases


  • Conference Schedule

    Last Updated: 10 June 2017

    Day 1

    June 13 2017 (TUES)

    1000 - 1230 Delegate Registration*

    1230 - 1300 Seating for Opening Ceremony^

    1300 - 1600 Opening Ceremony

    1600 - 1830 Committee Session 1

    1830 - 1900 Head Delegate Debrief


    * Lunch will not be provided on Day 1. Various food options can be purchased within the University Town campus before the Opening Ceremony begins.

    ^ Delegates are to be seated in the Opening Ceremony venue by 12:45PM.

    Day 2

    June 14 2017 (WED)

    0900 - 1200 Committee Session 2

    1200 - 1330 Lunch

    1330 - 1730 Committee Session 3

    1730 - 1800 Room Checking and Clearing

    1800 - 1900 Transportation to Social Event

    1900 - 2200 Social Event: Night at the Museum*


    * Dinner for all delegates will be provided at the Social Event.

    Day 3

    June 15 2017 (THURS)

    0900 - 1200 Committee Session 4

    1200 - 1330 Lunch

    1330 - 1600 Committee Session 5

    1600 - 1830 Committee Session 6

    1830 - 1900 Head Delegate Debrief

    Day 4

    June 16 2017 (FRI)

    0900 - 1200 Committee Session 7

    1200 - 1400 Lunch

    1400 - 1700 Closing Ceremony & Awards Presentation

  • Registration

    SMUN 2017 is proudly powered by MyMUN.

    Important Dates

    • Priority Registration: 3 March - 31 March 2017
    • Regular Registration: 1 April - 30 April 2017
    • Release of Allocations: 2 working weeks after confirmation of payment
    • Release of Study Guides: Early to Mid-May 2017 (All Study Guides can now be found below under "Conference Resources" below)
    • Position Paper Deadline: 9 June 2017

    Registration Fees

    All Delegates (Group + Independent)

    Priority Registration - SGD$130 per delegate

    Regular Registration - SGD$160 per delegate


    Group Delegations Only

    Delegation Fee (paid once per every group delegation) - SGD$50 (listed as 'Head Delegate' fee in MyMUN)

    Faculty Advisors (optional) - SGD$60

    Student Observers (optional) - SGD$80


    Student Observers will receive an allocation assignment, and will be rotated between councils so as to maximize exposure to the different councils and topics. Student observers will be required to meet attendance requirements in order to receive their participation certificate, and will need to inform the conference staff if they wish to move around the different councils. Independent Delegates may not sign up as Student Observers.

    Registering as a Delegation

    Delegation Registration requires an individual to register as a Head Delegate on behalf of other delegates. Head Delegates will serve as the point of contact between the SMUN 2017 Secretariat and the delegation during the pre-conference period, as well as during the conference itself.


    Delegates within the same delegation may be from the same school, or may form an independent delegation not participating under a school name. A delegation may consist of maximum 12 delegates with a maximum of 1 allocation per available council (including double-delegates in UNSC). Schools and other educational institutions may submit more than one group delegation if they wish to, and need to label their delegations clearly e.g. Singapore Junior College Delegation 1, Singapore Junior College Delegation 2.

    Registering as an Independent Delegate

    Independent Registration must be performed by an individual who does not wish to attend as part of a delegation.

    Instructions and Procedure

    SMUN 2017 will be utilizing the MyMUN conference platform for registration; all registration and communications to delegates will be conducted over MyMUN. If you are familiar with using MyMUN, please head to SMUN 2017's conference page to register once registration opens. If you are unfamiliar, we will be making a registration guide available soon!


    Allocations will be assigned within 2 working weeks after the end of the registration period. Do note that to qualify for Priority registration pricing, all payment must be completed by/before 31 March 2017 11:59PM (Singapore GMT+8). Proof of payment is required to be uploaded to MyMUN, or emailed (in pdf or image format) to usg.finance@singaporemun.org. When uploading proof of payment, please make sure the date and time of payment is clearly visible. You may be asked to reupload if it is not.


    All applications submitted during Priority Registration but paid after 31 March 2017 11:59PM will be required to pay Regular pricing and will receive their allocations after Regular Registration ends on 30 April 2017. Allocations will only be released to individuals who have completed all required payments by the stipulated times.


    All payments for all price groups should be made by 30 April 2017 11:59PM (Singapore GMT+8). Deadline extensions are not guaranteed.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Your question can't be found below? Contact us at usg.liaisons@singaporemun.org!

    Registration: How do I register for the conference?

    Proceed to our conference at mymun.com once registration opens, and register either as an individual or group delegation. If you are unfamiliar with myMUN, don’t fret! A detailed guide complete with screenshots on how to register can be found in the "Registration" section of this website.

    Check-In: If I arrive several days or the day before the conference, what should I do to check-in?

    You should check into your hotel first and enjoy yourself. Our Liaisons staff will contact you to assist with your needs, but other than that, you will only need to officially register for the conference on the first day of the conference, during the stipulated period. More information will be provided closer to the date.

    Accommodation: I am a foreign delegate. What are my accommodation options?

    We currently have two options for accommodation. The first would be in NUS at Dover road, where you may opt to stay in a hostel. The rooms are all single rooms, and are limited to first-come-first-serve demand. The NUS accommodations are single-room (no sharing allowed) and cost SGD$220 in total for a 5-night stay. The second option would be at the Mandarin Orchard Hotel in Orchard Road, a prime location for you, should you wish to explore our beautiful city at night or on your days away from the conference. The Mandarin Orchard is offering its rooms at two SMUN 2017-exclusive prices: SGD$205/night (double room) and SGD$295/night (triple room). These rooms are good if you're looking to share a room with some friends in the heart of town!


    We apologise but accommodations sign-up for University Town have been closed due to overwhelming demand. If you are interested in staying at the beautiful Mandarin Orchard Hotel, please contact usg.liaisons@singaporemun.org for more information!

    Accommodation: I am a local delegate. What are my accommodation options?

    Unfortunately, due to limited resources (especially for accommodation in NUS), we are unable to provide such options for you. Apologies!

    Food: What meals will I be provided?

    The conference will be catering lunch throughout all days of the conference unless otherwise specified. All catered meals will be Halal-certified. If you have any specific dietary requirements, you will be able to input your needs into the registration form, and we will make arrangements for you. Breakfasts and Dinners are not provided, except for Day 3 Socials Dinner. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Food: Are there other dining options around the conference venue?

    There are several dining and fast food options around NUS. These are located around campus, at the University Town, Yusof Ishak House, and the nearby Kent Ridge MRT and Clementi MRT stations. Apps such as FoodPanda and UberEATS can also be used to purchase food around Singapore.

    Transport: I will be staying at NUS over the duration of the conference. How do I get to the Conference venue?

    If you are staying at the accommodations at NUS University Town arranged by the Secretariat, you will be right next to the conference venues. Signs will be put up to guide you the correct rooms - if you are still unsure, don't be afraid to ask any of the Secretariat members you see around!

    Transport: I will be staying at the Mandarin Orchard Hotel. How do I get to the Conference venue?

    There will be a free shuttle bus service that will run from the Hotel to the conference venue. However, do note that this will be subject to availability, based on how many individuals apply for accommodations here. Alternatively, you may wish to take public transport to the venue. We will be releasing a step by step guide to such transport closer to the date.

  • Conference Resources

    All committee study guides have been uploaded to the MyMUN platform, under the "Documents" tab. All participating delegates have also been emailed links to PDF versions of these guides on Google Drive.

    Rules of Procedure

    Mandatory Read for all Delegates

    The Rules of Procedure (ROP) apply to all delegates of SMUN 2017, except for members of the Joint Crisis Committee. The ROP may not be altered or changed without the prior approval of the USG (Academics). A separate ROP for the JCC has been uploaded onto MyMUN.

    Position Paper Guidelines

    Deadline for Submission: 9 June 2017

    All guidelines for the position papers have been set forth by the organisers, and are non-negotiable. Should you have any questions or need for extensions, please contact the USG (Academics) at usg.academics@singaporemun.org directly. Extensions of deadline are not automatic.

  • Sponsorships & Partnerships

    For any enquiries, please feel free to contact our Under Secretary-General, Alastair Loh, at usg.businessrelations@singaporemun.org.

    Sponsors form the backbone of SMUN

    With you, we can enhance the breadth and depth of our activities to offer delegates the smoothest and most academically fulfilling conference experience possible. We understand the importance of matching your needs with our pedagogical vision.Therefore, we offer you a multi-tiered sponsorship programme where you may tailor your partnership with us based on your requirements for interaction with our delegates and brand prominence. From publicity on traditional and new media platforms to the setting up of a corporate booth, SMUN provides you unparalleled opportunities to profile your brand to hundreds of ambitious, intelligent and cosmopolitan young minds from the region and beyond.


    By sponsoring us, you will have the unprecedented opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the education community in Southeast Asia, while promoting your organization to the next generation of regional leaders. This will undoubtedly enhance your organization’s image as a student-friendly corporation and increase the goodwill between your brand and the student population in the long-term.

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