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Missile Installation Sites Seen in Cuba; Cuba Accuses USA of Fabrication; USA Is Ready to Fight Back

Image of apparent missile installations sites in Cuba by the USA.

This morning, President John F. Kennedy announced a naval quarantine in Cuba upon Cuba's rejection to obey the ultimatum released by the USA to dismantle all Soviet missiles from Cuba. This revelation was a follow-up to the earlier televised announcement of the finding of ballistic missile launch sites in Cuba. Before this, President Kennedy had delayed the public statement with the concern of raising public alarm and fear.

Coupled with the announcement of naval quarantine, the Excomm assured the public that the USA was adopting fast and direct actions to strengthen the USA’s national defense. Secretary of State Dean Rusk urged an increase in the military budget to 10 billion dollars as the USA has always prioritized military budgets for national and international peace.

However, despite the substantial hours given for tensions to cool between the superpowers, no signs of action were taken by the Cubans or Soviets. The USSR denied all claims of missile installation in Cuba by the USA, leaving the USA ignorant of the Soviet’s moves.

During a UNSC emergency meeting, the USSR denied claims of missile installation in Cuba. The USSR accused the USA of fabricating insisted the images laid out by the USA military pilot showing missile installation sites in Cuba were fabricated by the USA.

Compelled by the Soviet’s stubbornness, the USA must be cautious of the threat to its nation’s security. The USA has intentions to prevent further escalations of the situation into a full-scale nuclear war. However, the noncompliance of the USSR shows they discountenance national peace.

“The U.S. should be prepared for any attack,” said Mr. Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense.

The USA has made a clear stance of carrying out negotiations to settle the issue with limited destruction. However, the determination of the USA to launch an attack for self-defense has no signs of depression. The rising tensions between the superpowers continue to pose threats to global peace.


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