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13TH - 14TH JUNE, 2020



Online Conference




To all our Esteemed Delegates, Faculty Advisors, and Friends,


Over the past decade, the world was gripped by an increasing sense of uncertainty about where we are headed. With heightened geopolitical tensions, new cyber threats, technological disruptions, deepening socio-economic insecurity, and the relentless march of climate change, the lack of easy, straightforward solutions to these issues can render even the most optimistic of us youths fearful for our own futures. My six-year MUN journey began, like all fresh delegates, with an innocent wish to be part of something greater. I believe that many of us, including myself, turned to MUN as an avenue to express our frustrations at these global problems and share the hope that, perhaps, these problems were not as intractable as they seemed.


We spent conference after conference engaging with challenging subject-matters that, by any other measure, should have been beyond the knowledge that youths were expected to possess. We debated extensively about the intricacies of international law and the efficacy of proposed solutions so that we would not miss any nuances or perspectives that matter. We took the abstract notion of geopolitics and made it feel real to us, just so that we could better understand and empathise with why nations and people act the way they do. MUN was transformed from a mere exercise in problem-solving into a platform for us to learn about compromise and engage in difficult conversations.


That is why I find it so difficult to conjure a concise answer about what MUN really is; it is more than just representing nations and role-playing as diplomats. It is also more than just debating, lobbying, and drafting solutions towards some end goal. I believe that MUN is, fundamentally, the pursuit of constructive hope. While I have not found the solutions to these global problems, I am proud to say that MUN has equipped me with the deep knowledge required to understand our world as well as the skills of persuasion, diplomacy, and empathy necessary for building the future we desire, even if we do not yet know what this future looks like.


As we enter a new decade, I am privileged to announce that the Singapore Model United Nations 2020 Online Conference, held from 13th - 14th June, will be carrying on a legacy that has been bestowed upon us by generations of youths prior. Taking after the values of fairness, meritocracy, and dynamism that have contributed to the success of Singapore as global city-state, Singapore MUN promises to uphold our vision of enabling healthy competition to promote academic rigour, integrity, and personal growth for everyone who is a part of our family.


On behalf of the Singapore MUN team, it is my pleasure to warmly invite you to the 17th iteration of Singapore Model United Nations, a premier MUN conference across the Asia-Pacific region where delegates can embrace challenges, make new friends, and have fun. More details about Singapore MUN’s resources, including our 2020  online conference, can be found on our website. Should you have further queries, please do not hesitate to get in contact via our website. As we usher in the new decade, I am hopeful that Singapore MUN will continue to attract bright, eager, and compassionate individuals to share in our belief that youths can indeed make a difference in our futures.


Royston Long


Singapore Model United Nations 2020


City photography by Noah Sim and Jess Koh.