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How will committee sessions be conducted?

Presently, we will likely be running the online conference on Discord. We will be making adjustments to the Rules of Procedures (ROP) to ensure that debate can be run smoothly online. More details will be revealed when we publish our ROP in due course.

Will there be any awards?

We will not be issuing any official awards as delegates cannot be comprehensively assessed over an online medium. However, we will still issue e-certificates to all delegates for SMUNOC 2020 provided they meet the attendance requirements. While there may not be any official awards, our chairs will continue to assess delegate performance and skills to the best of their abilities. Delegates will be able to receive more timely feedback to adjust strategies and improve during the conference.

Is there any required attire that I must wear during the online conference?

We are currently still reviewing how committee sessions will operate. More information will be released at a later date.

Why are there no double delegate committees?

Unfortunately, we have explored the option and concluded that it would not be feasible to hold double delegate committees given various limitations which may compromise the smoothness and quality of debate.

What if I have an unstable internet connection? Can I still participate?

Yes, you may still participate! We are currently developing a framework for ensuring debate runs smoothly even with mildly intermittent internet connection.

When will the conference be held?

The conference will be held from 13 to 14 June 2020. Please note that the conference timezone will follow SGT (GMT +8).

I do not have Discord, can I still participate?

We will likely be using Discord as our main platform for facilitating debate, so you will need a Discord Account in order to participate. Discord is a free popular online platform, which you may sign up for and download through this link.

How can I obtain my Discord ID?

To obtain your Discord ID, you may visit this link for more information. Do note that you will need to provide us with the full Discord ID (e.g. SMUN#2020) so that we may add you to our committee servers.



City photography by Noah Sim and Jess Koh.