This year, SMUN is slated to be held fully online from 7 to 10 June 2021 (Monday to Thursday)

on Zoom. 

Conference fees:

Delegates currently residing in Singapore: SG$30/pax

Delegates currently NOT residing in Singapore: US$30/pax

Do look through the FAQs and Registration Form for more details. 

Do note that all delegates would receive a delegate package. 

See you at SMUN 2021!


What is the cost per delegate? Are there any discounts?

For delegates residing in Singapore, the conference fees are SG$30/pax. For delegates residing outside of Singapore, the conference fees are US$30/pax. Conference fees go towards supporting all logistical and administrative needs to ensure that we are able to deliver the best possible conference experience for you. In light of the COVID-19 situation, we have tried our best to reduce our conference fees to the lowest possible while ensuring that we are able to adequately cover all logistical and administrative needs to deliver the best possible conference for you. We will thus be unable to provide any discounts.

What am I entitled to?

All delegates will have full access to all conference events and proceedings, including the opening and closing ceremonies. Additionally, we are excited to announce that all delegates will each be receiving a delegate package this year. Kindly note that each package will include a t-shirt (among other items!). In order to get their desired size, delegates are encouraged to submit the registration form by 25 April 2021, 2359 (GMT +8). Shirt sizes will go on a first come first serve basis beyond this point. For individual delegates, the package will be mailed directly to the delegate’s given address. For independent delegations, all packages intended for the delegation will be mailed to the head delegate’s address. For school delegations, all packages intended for the delegation will be mailed to the school address.

How can I make payment?

For delegates residing in Singapore, payment should be made via either bank transfer or cheque. Exact details will be emailed to you after we have successfully received your registration form. MOE registered schools will also have the option to pay via IFAAS. When prompted, kindly provide us with your school’s sub-BU code. For delegates residing outside of Singapore, payment should be made via bank transfer. Exact details will be emailed to you after we have successfully received your registration form.

What are delegations? How do I know the size of my delegation?

Delegations refer to a group of delegates who have registered together as a group (i.e. two or more individuals). This mostly applies to students from the same school, but friends who would like to sign up together as a delegation can do so as well. Do note that to be considered for delegation awards, small delegations consist of 5 to 8 delegates while large delegations consist of 9 or more delegates. Delegation awards recognise the stellar performance of groups. Delegations consisting of 2 to 4 individuals will not be considered for delegation awards.

Will foreign delegates be allowed to take part in the online conference?

Yes, SMUN 2021 is open to all local and international delegates. The conference will be held fully online.

Are there any age restrictions for delegates?

While the official minimum age requirement is 14 years of age in the year of 2021, we recommend that delegates are between the ages of 15 - 24 years’ old.

What am I supposed to do after submitting the registration form?

You will receive an acknowledgement email, which details payment information, after you register for the conference. Please only make payment upon receipt of this email. Upon payment, a subsequent confirmation email will be sent out to confirm your payment and registration. Allocation and mailing of delegation package(s) will only be done after this second email has been sent to you. Should you wish to check your registration details after submission, please do send an email to

Are faculty advisors allowed to observe the conference?

Yes, faculty advisors are allowed to observe the conference. Faculty advisors should register within the same form as their delegation and indicate the day(s) which they would like to observe. We will subsequently email the faculty advisor(s) with all the necessary details they will need to access the conference. This helps us in ensuring the safety of all our participants by making sure only authorised individuals are able to access the conference.

If I have any queries, who am I supposed to contact and how?

For general queries, you may reach our liaisons team through any of the following ways:

  1. Submit an enquiry form here;
  2. Email us at;
  3. Drop us a message via our Facebook page;
  4. Send us a direct message via our Instagram account @singaporemun.
For financial queries (eg. payment details), please contact our finance team via email at For academics queries (eg. committee allocation, study guides), please contact our academics team via email at Should there be a need to check your registration details, please send an email to

If I find out that I have to miss the entire conference after registering and paying, am I entitled to a refund?

SMUN follows a strict no-refund policy. Delegates who are unable to attend the conference are encouraged to find a replacement delegate. Please get back to us via email with the following details of the replacement delegate as soon as possible:

  2. Age (as of 10 June 2021)
  3. Date of Birth: DD/MM/YYYY
  4. Sex: Male / Female / Others
  5. Mailing address
  7. Email address:
  8. Do you require a proof of participation letter?: Yes / No (Delegates may request for this letter should they require funding from an organisation or an official excusal letter.)


When and where is the conference held?

The conference will be taking place this year from 7th - 10th June 2021 online over Zoom. As the conference is based in Singapore, do note that our working language is English and that Singapore follows the GMT +8 time zone.

What will the conference schedule and participation requirements be like?

The conference schedule can be found here. Delegates will need to attend at least 6 of 8 committee sessions and submit their position paper to qualify for participation certificates.

How will committee sessions be conducted?

Presently, we will likely be running the online conference on Zoom. We will be making adjustments to the Rules of Procedures (ROP) and publishing a manual on online debate procedures to ensure that debate can be run smoothly online. More details will be revealed when we publish our ROP in due course.

As SMUN 2021 will be held fully online, is there any required attire that I must wear during the online conference?

As we will be operating via Zoom, delegates are expected to appear presentable. Smart casual attire is strongly encouraged. Should delegates’ attire be deemed inappropriate (eg. singlet), the Secretariat and chairpersons reserve the right to bar any delegate from participation.

What if I have an unstable internet connection? Can I still participate?

Yes, you may still participate! We are currently developing a framework for ensuring debate runs smoothly even with mildly intermittent internet connection. Should you have any issues with connectivity amid the conference, do inform the chairs or Secretariat and we will assist you to the best of our capabilities.

What is Zoom? How do I get a Zoom account?

With regard to standard operating procedures for using Zoom at SMUN 2021, keep an eye out for our official manual on online debate procedures and a revised set of Rules of Procedures that will be published soon!

If there is an emergency, who am I supposed to contact?

Any emergencies can be directed to either your chairpersons (communications channels will be released closer to the conference date) or

Will there be socials this year?

Yes! Our Events team have lined up exciting activities for you to de-stress bond with your fellow delegates after rigorous academic debate sessions. Socials will be held at the end of Day 3 (dinner break given), fully online! An online conference should not stop us from making friends. ;)


How many committees are there? What committees are there? What are the topics?

We have 11 committees ranging from DISEC to ASEAN. All committees will be held online. This year, we are pleased to introduce new committees such as the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and International Olympic Committee (IOC). For a complete list of committees and their respective topics, refer to the link here.

Are there double delegate committees?

Press Corps will be the only committee hosted as a double delegation committee. Delegates who register within the same form indicating Press Corps as one of their choices will be allocated as a pair. Individual delegates who indicate interest in and are allocated to Press Corps will be paired with another individual. As for the remaining committees, unfortunately, we have explored the option and concluded that it would not be feasible to hold double delegate committees given various limitations. These limitations may compromise the smoothness and quality of debate.

Will there be any awards?

All committees will have awards, including Best Delegate, Outstanding Delegate, Honourable Mention, and Best Position Paper. In addition, there will also be an award for Best Large Delegation and Best Small Delegation. Small delegations consist of 5 to 8 delegates while large delegations consist of 9 or more delegates.

What if I am unable to participate in the conference fully (i.e. skipping a day or two)?

Should you be unable to attend any of the committee sessions, do inform your committee chairpersons as soon as possible. Failure to do so will result in the delegate being marked as absent without valid reason. Details for communication with the chairs will be released closer to the conference date.


Due to an overwhelming response for SMUN 2021, Delegate Registrations are now closed.

To those that managed to register for SMUN 2021, see you soon!  

To those that didn't,  we hope to see you at the next edition of SMUN.  

Our sincerest thanks to each and every one of you for your enthusiastic support of this event!