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The Administration has changed but the Nation's mentality has not -Armenia debunks the US at the HRC

Immigrants to the US in foil blankets.

Darius Lay

09 June 2022

Singapore- Today, at the UNHRC, the topic discussed was the handling of immigrants in the United States.

Numerous countries, including the United Arab Emirates and Mexico, have criticised America for its inhumane management of immigrants at detention centres.

Countries slammed the United States saying that immigrants did not have sufficient food and received poor treatment at the detention centres. The United States requested help from other countries to gather funds to solve the issue of improving the living conditions of the detention centres.

Armenia condemned this request saying that “Although the administration has changed (from Donald Trump to Joe Biden) the administration has not”

When asked by Straits Times to further elaborate, Armenia replied that this mentality referred to the mentality of the former president of the United States when he said that “I will make a wall and make Mexico pay for it”. It seems that what Armenia was suggesting was that despite America mishandling the issue, it wants other countries to give money to solve it.

This request makes the United States look irresponsible because it is a champion in supporting human rights. Furthermore, America is one of the world’s richest nations but is asking for funds from countries that have a worse or much worse economy.

On the other hand, asking for funds might be acceptable because it is a pressing issue in the United States. The United Arab Emirates shared the same viewpoint stating that “There is nothing wrong with the request of funds as it is a crisis”

With funds generated from other countries and the money that the United States can provide, there would be more money to make a greater change and faster development of the detention centres.



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