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U.S.: Speed of action is key. We have to show them America is ready to act.

Qi Xueyan

07 June 2022

In response to the finding of nuclear-armed Soviet missiles in Cuba, just 90 miles from U.S. shores, the secretaries of the U.S. urged for quick actions to be taken to protect the nation from potential security threats.

Mr. John McCone, Director of Central Intelligence Agency, stated “We now have to act as fast as possible to remove any possible threat to our society and potential land attacks by the USSR”.

In the council’s proposal, the secretaries unanimously requested for the leaders of the Congress to set aside more budget for the U.S. military to sanction troops at more vulnerable places of the state. This request includes the increase of the military budget from 9.33% to 10% and the mobilization of reserve personnel of the U.S. armed forces.

The secretaries also invited the President to speak to Congress to justify the introduction of the above legalization. The leaders of the Congress are unconvinced of the need for a budget increase, the President is hesitant to have actions taken as he felt that “the USSR does not seem to be in any state to launch the missile”. With regards to the concerns, Mr. Dean Rusk, Secretary of State, proposed to use The Second Berlin Crisis as a justification.

A partial naval quarantine of Cuba was raised in discussion but was refuted by the President, who questioned the effectiveness of the quarantine and the probability of precisely differentiating a civilian ship and military cargo ships.

Mr. John McCone reinforced that the quarantine will be useful as it proves that the U.S. is serious about the nation and their people’s security and also the maintenance of international peace. Meanwhile, Mr. Kenneth O'Donnell reminded the council that the U.S. should follow The Rules of Engagement to prevent issues from going out of proportion and escalation to full-scale nuclear wars.

The U.S. has national and international peace in mind, and the council is still undergoing intense discussions and negotiations to clearly define the borders of the naval quarantine, currently with the brief mentions of two surveillance regions to be set up.

The U.S. has reiterated and displayed the readiness to take action against any incoming threats from the USSR or Cuba.


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