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Asingbol Suite

Abhyuday Kushwaha

07 June 2022

We all do MUN, we all have done MUN. But MUN takes a toll and seems like complete nonsense at times, especially with 24 full hours of debate throughout the conference. Taking this idea, I constructed a suite of asingbols, with allusions to Macbeth, The Waste Land, and The Three Musketeers.

  1. uninspired, disillusioned doing work - what is this shiny object: inspirational, illusory: is this a dagger i see before me? i hear the bell

  2. the bell has tolled; delegates, delegates, delegates, DELEGATES HURRY UP PLEASE IT’S TIME, cross-talk is not in order, begin now the next hour

  3. yield, yield now, as you dangle above the streets of paris, above the sewer of your tabled resolution, a full day of council, all for naught

The asingbol is a poetic form created by Singaporean poet Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé, inspired by the format of the tweet when it only had 140 characters. It is literal and explanatory, with no capitalisation (although this rule has been broken for the sake of allusion) or full stops.


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