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China's Assault and the World's Response

According to the Philippine-China conflict, the world has responded differently in the Model United Nations conference under the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and differing opinions are leading to a rise in tensions.

However, since over emphasis was placed on disarmament, the conference was increasingly inefficient.

China and Russia are pursuing national interests of expanding their power and control over world affairs and issues as they seek to reduce the over-reliance on UNSC and reduce its possession of excessive control.

Russia does not want UNFC to have overly much power and influence over the military, but instead, wants powerful nations like Russia itself, and China, to have more influence in these judging matters of future issues and conflicts.

Owning 80-90% of South-China sea, China believes that the south china sea is founded by and belongs to China, so China can do anything they want to do to the sea.

China also responded by promising not to launch any form of attack unless there are infringements in its South China sea.

Some countries, however, accused China of intentional harm inflicted on these fishermen and firing missiles at them. They believe in taking immediate action and holding China responsible.

The United Kingdom (UK) had condemned China for assaulting the fishermen intentionally to show off its strength and they would not tolerate such acts of ruthlessness.

Many others, such as Brazil and India, have agreed with the UK and debated for China to be punished severely.

Russia, on the other hand, strongly supported China as they both stood strong unfalteringly against the blames from other nations.

They argued that the South China sea belongs to China and the act of self-defence should be allowed.

However, the major stand of the UK was the infringement of human rights as the fishermen were merely ‘doing their jobs’.

Tensions were held high throughout the conference as Russia and China persistently called for an invalid debate from the other nations due to deviation from the original motive.

The USA has fully supported the UK and strives towards making China repent for their assaults. The USA strongly believes in righteousness and whoever violated the code of conduct amongst international agreements shall be punished.


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