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Ryan Ng

June 7. 2022

The war in Myanmar has violated the rights of the civilians and severely neglected the needs of the civilians. The civilians are harmless and are in urgent need of help to improve their lives.

The war in Myanmar from the military coup has met several ASEAN countries’ responses. Most work towards peace and order, while others work towards maintaining the rights of citizens.

Many strive to attain humanitarian aid for the civilians in Myanmar, and ensure adequate provision of the basic needs of the civilians such as proper sanitation.

Singapore aims to address the internal situation in Myanmar, to provide financial aid and political dialogues, to maintain peace and order in Myanmar. Singapore wishes for better humanitarian aid for the refugees.

Multiple countries took the 3D strategy of Diplomacy, Dialogue and Development against the war in Myanmar.

Both Laos and China adopt this 3D approach to maintain friendly relations with Myanmar and also, hopefully, restore peace.

With better communication, it hopes that it would be easier to persuade the military junta to improve the lives of the civilians rather than violating their basic rights.

Some countries adopt non-interfering policies, but that does not mean they do not help.

Indonesia, for example, does not wish to partake in the war, but strives to achieve humanitarian aid and maintain rights of citizens in Myanmar. It hopes to establish a dialogue with Myanmar to facilitate communication better.

However, with countless countries trying to fight for the control from the original government, NLD, to regain power, Vietnam is an exception.

Vietnam aims to get more military junta in power in Myanmar while the NLD continues organising attacks to regain control. More junta control may please them to treat their citizens with better care.

Myanmar military coup has indeed received the concern of ASEAN members and they are taking measures to regain peace and security in the country.



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