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Korea and America are GAY?


Evan Ng

10 June 2022

Disclaimer: This is a meme article submission just like how normal councils have meme resolutions. Taking this seriously is on you.

Breaking news: Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un were spotted having intimate relations at the International and National Cooperative Epidemic Legion (INCEL) council discussion. Trump has been reported to “harbor sexual interest in the Korean former president since before his election to presidency”, as I quote. “He is the love of my life, Joe.” Trump admitted, to interviewer Joe Rogan. “I’ve had little meet-ups with him at the Capella Hotel ever since I finally clinched the opportunity to meet with him. He’s amazing.” Turns out, Kim Jong-un had contacted him prior to the summit at Singapore, for them to enjoy small talk relaxing at the Auriga spa after the summit. They clicked instantly, staying long after the summit at the hotel to participate in their other resort activities, such as the Shrinky Dink Charm Making. “He played with my Shrinky Dink, too,” Mr. Trump giggled. Turns out, ever since 13 June 2018, four years ago, Trump and Kim Jong-un had been engaging in promiscuous, venereal acts. They ranged from monogamous lovingness to phenomenally wide-scale n-somes. “Trump is always willing to give me what I want,” Kim Jong-un smiled. “He’s such a gentleman. Flabby stomach and all.”

Factually accurate representation of their relationship.

Cardi B got inspiration for hit song WAP walking in on Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un These darn westerners.“Ya, like, I once walked in on them getting it on with, what, Pope Francis? KSI? There were soooo many people in the room, hoe. I was sooooo scarred. But it was art, ya know? It gave me inspiration. I knew instantly to call Megan. Like, I called her as I watched. She asked to video call. She even went like, “Wooooooooooooow.” Cardi B quoted. “He got that stanky leg, ya know?” Megan quoted. “Daddy Kim beat me up harder than Logannnnnnn!!!!! I literally could not walk. Purr. Kim slay <3,”KSI replied when asked about his sexual preferences. “Well, what can I say? I was blessed with more than one Shrinky Dink!” Kim Jong-un chuckled.

Acknowledging that this is a premier conference, Evan ended his submission with "I'm so sorry".



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