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The S in SMUN stands for SIU

Delegates excited and looking forward to the conference.

The Editors

07 June 2022

At long last, Singapore Model United Nations (SMUN) 2022 welcomed delegates to its first fully physical rendition since 2019. Delegates came from a host of international schools overseas, as well as local secondary schools and junior colleges. It was an even greater honour to be holding the conference on home ground this year at NUS University Town.

Opening ceremony was conducted with Guest-of-honour Ms Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State for National Development and Foreign Affairs, sharing her insights into sustainability as one of Singapore’s long term policy directives.

“As one says, it takes two to clap. Climate change is not an issue that [the] government can tackle on its own,” The Senior Minister of State noted. “Hence, looking forward, we plan to work closely with our communities to create shared ownership and leverage on the whole-of-society’s ideas and energy.”

Thereafter, delegates proceeded to their first council session of the day with high spirits. Over in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), triple-delegations came up to the floor to give their opening speeches to combat net-zero emissions. Many passionate opening speeches were heard, with the delegate of Japan reiterating the urgency of climate change in her statement “What is the difference of 2.7 degrees to you? To the earth, it is a haemorrhaging of 5 million human lives by 2050.”

On a whole, delegates interviewed were rather excited for the next few days of conference. International delegates had flown in specifically for this conference, and were thrilled to be able to participate. This being their first time at a Model United Nations conference, they were filled with nervous excitement, and looking forward to having some fun over the next 4 days.

Delegates at the United Nations Disarmament Committee (UNDC) were ablaze with conversation and were getting to know one another during the break. Teng Fei, the delegate of Egypt at the UNDC, remarked that “I’m glad to be able to come to a prestigious conference known widely across Asia.” This being the second MUN conference he has participated in, he looks forward to the friendships and memories to be made in the coming days.

In conclusion, the first day of the conference has been an enriching one for many delegates, and they’re looking forward to the next few days.


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