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Russia is on the path to victory but faces difficulties internally.

Jing Qiying

09 June 2022

The invasion of West Germany is smoothly on the way. However the operations in Turkey are being halted due to the lack of funds and supplies. This is a pressing issue faced by the Presidium, the lack of resources severely disrupts the attempts to proceed with the invasion.

However, due to USSR's extensive network of connections, countries like Iraq have provided military aid and spare parts. Others like Syria have provided crude oil. In these trying times, the USSR can rely on the relationships they have established.

Nonetheless, internal issues run rampant. The people are dissatisfied with the Presidium and have decided to take to the streets, but to say nothing has been done would be false. Frol Kozlov, a member of the Presidium, has ordered for the reconstruction of the dam and freshwater, food and other necessities to be delivered to the citizens.

There are still strikes conducted by the workers. The Presidium has decided to implement mandatory conscription for anyone who decides to stir up internal unrest. Internal unrest also ran rampant throughout the Presidium. There had been reports of Presidium members starving due to food shortages and attempts made to oust Premier Khrushchev.

These feelings of resentment have been brought up by those who feel as if the Premier have not acted accordingly to the ongoing crisis. These Presidium members have cited the supply shortages and the slowly collapsing society as proof that the premier should be ousted. However, the general consensus is that this is no time for a power gap, especially concerning one as big as Khrushchev’s.

It is no surprise that when the Presidium held a vote, Khrushchev won by a landslide. With only two votes for the removal of Khrushchev and one Presidium member proclaiming their love for the Premier. Yet even despite all the unrest, the plans for the invasion have gone smoothly. As off now, the plans to take over the Rhineland have been successful, troops are now slowly but surely gaining ground. This is thanks to the valiant efforts of Brezhnev and Malinovsky, who have been spearheading the battle plans.

The council needs to place more importance on the people, if the people revolt, the war would have already been lost. There needs to be a connection between the presidium and the people. After all, Communism is all about the people, for the people and it seems as if the Presidium has forgotten that.



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