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Qi Xueyan

08 June 2022

The war has begun. Leaders of both the USA and the USSR have pushed the buttons to launch the nukes. The American leaders claimed that the Soviets had had made the first move in this war.

In a press conference, the EXCOMM drew out an initial plan to tackle this growing crisis. John McCone, Director of Central Intelligence, mentioned that the USA would establish a “C3, command, control and communication” approach.

“Regarding all military and civilian organizations that have survived,” said the director, “we will use all our emergency communication and broadcast networks to reach the most number of people possible[...]” said the director.

During the press conference, McCone laid out contingency plans for the civilians like broadcast education on what to do every day and information on emergency sites for a temporary stay.

The USA is optimizing all forms of connections and resources to restore the economy, revitalize the American food chain, and secure fertilizers and water sources to support agriculture.

McCone further sternly stated, “We will never abandon the American people.” The utmost priority now is for the government to reach out to every civilian and defend every inch of soil belonging to the state.

Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense, displayed confidence in emerging victorious in this war. He assured that not only does the USA have conventional military forces, but it also possesses a significant capability to respond. The USA will stand firm in its fight with the support of NATO countries.

“We might lose ground, but we will trade space for time,” said McCone.

The USA is currently trying to establish contact with the USSR to negotiate agreements. However, with no response from the other end.

Meanwhile, the USA has forged solid and sound foreign relationships with many countries to secure imports for various aspects of America and defend its allies. EXCOMM stated that the USA would protect Japan from the communist.

The state leaders wish for this misery to declare closure as soon as possible for the sake of innocent civilians.

The USA is trying to secure necessities, gain communication and regenerate the economy currently. American leaders guarantees that help will reach every American.

“We will continue this great American experiment. We will rebuild, and we will come back stronger. We will fight everywhere against Soviet aggression.” concluded John McCone.



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