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“Comrades, Comrades, Comrades” The Presidium discuss the 25 UFO in Russian Airspace

Jing Qiying

June 7. 2022

“Whoever does this (deploying of the 25 Unidentified Flying Objects) does not want peace with the USSR” this was said by Frol Kozlov during his speech on the GSL today. When it was revealed that the 25 unidentified flying objects (UFOs) had invaded Moscow airspace, Moscow Officials had no other option but to shoot the invaders down.

Following the shooting down of the UFOs, the delegates gathered together to mobilise the military to investigate the shrapnel from the plane and discussions on how to address the situation began.

The delegates agreed that maintaining the confidence allies placed in the USSR is a priority in addressing this situation.

During debate, the delegates introduced solutions such as providing the allies with more military aid to prepare them for a possible conflict between possible perpetrators. Arming allies would help allies protect themselves and the integrity of the USSR.

Debate got slightly heated when the question of mobilising the Warsaw pact was brought on. Many delegates were in favour of immediately mobilising the Warsaw pact while others were more interested in watching events play out and allowing for more time for the USSR to gather their forces before acting.

Brezhnev called for the council to unite Latin America allies before acting as that would allow for more widespread mobilisation of forces in case of attack and also allow for more effective strategies.

The cooperation of the USSR's allies was an important factor in deciding how the council would choose to proceed. Delegates brought up the suggestion of bringing in China's support but this was quickly shut down due to China’s disagreements with the USSR’s way of communism.

All in all, the general consensus within the council is that whoever was responsible for this atrocious act needed to be held accountable and justice needed to be achieved.



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